AussieChix conferences

AussieChix, the Australian chapter of LinuxChix, periodically hosts conferences for women, usually as a day-long event that is part of a larger conference.

This site is the home of these conferences, and contains schedules, announcements and material related to presentations given at these conferences.

Haecksen and Linuxchix miniconf @ 2010

18 Jan 2010

The Haecksen miniconf is primarily organised by members of - people who play and work with linux. However, this does not reflect the true range of women who are working and playing with all sorts of technology in Australasia and the Pacific: smart crafters, OLPC volunteers and, of course, many FLOSS contributers. We chose haecksen - the German feminine for "hacker" as a way to reflect this diversity and engagement with technology.

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LinuxChix miniconf 2009 complete

The LinuxChix miniconf at 2009 was held yesterday, Monday 19 January and was our third successful event in a row.

Thank you to the organisers, Sarah Stokely and Robyn Willison, for all their hard work on the event.

Unfortunately video recordings were not made for all sessions in the event, we will link to those that are available in a few weeks.

Video footage from LinuxChix miniconf 2008 available

The video footage of the January 2008 LinuxChix miniconf (ie, the one that was held a year ago at 2008 in Melbourne) is now available online.

Talks with available footage are:

Schedule for miniconf @ available

The 2009 schedule now contains the schedule for the LinuxChix miniconf on Monday 19 January 2009.

If you're a woman and you're thinking of coming along, check out the Google Diversity Delegates programme, closing December 31. See you in Hobart!

Microconf: Some slides and multimedia content available

We have begun uploading the slides, video and audio from the October 25 microconference.

All content is now available for these talks:

AussieChix Microconf at Google Australia: Event report

Event report by Aimee Forsstrom

Recently LinuxChix Australia held a mini conference sponsored by Google between the cities of Melbourne and Sydney. Google provided the venue which hallowed for the video conference facilities.

There were minor technical glitches experienced at first it looked like we may not be able to get the video conferencing working between the two offices however with some friendly help from the Google tech team we were back up and running. Once the video conferencing was up and running we were in business.

The main aim of the day was to allow people to speak in a small friendly environment to allow people to gain experience. An aim which was definitely achieved : )

The variety of people at the conference was amazing I am used to being at tech conferences however they are normally directed in one main area be it coding, web or enterprise. The LinuxChix conference covered areas from good programming techniques, open education, giving presentations, hacking the OLPC, computational linguistics, application of free software in the classroom, etc.

Microconf: schedule announced

The AussieChix microconf is nearly here: tomorrow's schedule has been finalised. See you all there.

LinuxChix miniconf 2009: call for presentations

LinuxChix mini-conf 2009: Call for Presentations

LinuxChix is pleased to announce that they'll be hosting the LinuxChix mini-conf at in January, 2009 in Hobart, Tasmania. This mini-conf exists to encourage women with an interest in free and open source technology to share their ideas, network and improve their presentation skills.

We are now calling for presentations by women on both free and open source software (FOSS) technical topics and other topics of general interest to women involved in open source software or working in IT.

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