AussieChix microconference in Sydney and Melbourne: October 25 2008

AussieChix aims to help women in the Australian Free Software community participate in the wider community, and one of the ways we'd like to do so is to give women more speaking experience and confidence. Therefore, we organised an informal speaking event for October 2008: an AussieChix microconference.

Date and time

The conference was on Saturday October 25, 2008.


See our schedule of presentations. Speaker slides and video will soon be available.

More information

What is the relationship between the AussieChix microconfence and the LinuxChix miniconferences at

They are complementary. The LinuxChix miniconference is part of a prestiguous international event, allowing women from around Australia and the world to meet each other and talk about their projects to the wider audience. The AussieChix microconference is intended to be smaller and more informal, giving more women an opportunity to gain speaking experience, to hear from each other and to have fun.

Who organised the microconference?

The microconference was organised by Alice Boxhall and Mary Gardiner.


The microconference was hosted by Google Australia in Sydney and Melbourne, with a video conference link-up between the two. Thank you to Google Australia for both venues, and for catering on the day. Particular thanks to Sun-Hee Yeo and Sally-Ann Williams for their help with organisation and on the day.

Thank you to Linux Australia who sponsored the video camera hire in Melbourne through their grant scheme, and for the hosting of this website.